Secrets Unsealed's

1SUMMIT 2016
2A Better Way - Marriage Seminar
4Christ and Antichrist
5God's Prophetic Chain
6ANCLA Escuela de Teología - Mateo 24
7Women's Ordination "History Issues and Implications"
8ANCHOR 2016 - The Great Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation"
9Disidencia en Nuestra Historia
10The Bible or Tradition
11La Musica en Nuestra Iglesia
12The Great Cosmic Controversy
13Righteousness by Faith - 2 Parts - Pastor Bohr
14Current Prophetic Updates
15Emerging Spirituality - Summit
16Short Explanations
173 Angels in Daniel 1-6
18Prophetic Secrets of the New World Order
19Whats Up with Current News?
20Women's Ordination Symposium--Bakersfield
21Cracking the Genesis Code
22MEGA Emerging - Edited
23Anchor School of Theology - Believe His Prophets
24Summit, 2015
25Health Secrets Unsealed
26Ancla Escuela de Teología 2015
27Fresno Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church Services
28Summit, 2014
29Lessons from Indiana Campmeeting
30Lecciones del Campestre de Indiana - Pastor Esteban Bohr
31The Secrets of Pentecost (2014)
32Simposio Sobre la Ordenación de la Mujer
33En Las Manos de Dios
34Impacto Profetico
36Anchor School of Theology
37They Lived Happily Ever After. Marriage Series
38The 24 Elders
39Law of Life & Death